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Driving Performance: Guide to using the Performance Reports


PDM is designed to be a flexible tool for performing almost any type inspection needed. This version of the application is specifically targeted at inspections for janitorial services. The purpose of the application is to determine whether a room is “clean” by counting the cleanliness conditions in that room. A condition could be dust, streak marks, or litter.

PDM is not only designed to rate a room or building’s cleanliness, but to communicate why the room is not clean in order for the defective condition to be corrected. The application also allows the inspector to record any maintenance conditions, such as a burnt out light bulb, or a restroom being out of paper supplies.

Using This Guide

This Report Guide is a step-by-step walkthrough of using the Performance Reports to drive improvement in your cleaning program. Success is about Managing Performance, and that’s why you’ll see a focused and powerful structuring of the Performance-Driven Reports.

The Reports are organized into groupings that will inform you about the success of the cleaning system to achieve performance goals. These groupings are directly connected to the key performance indicators (KPIs) defined in your program.

Performance-Driven Reports will include detailed information that will serve two goals:

  • To identify current KPI performance against specified Service Level targets; and,
  • To identify the opportunities to improve performance for each KPI area.

How are these Reports structured to support these goals?

These Reports are designed to enable an effective manager to identify when services are, and are not, meeting the expectations of the organization. Secondly, these Reports are designed to guide the delivery of services to:

  1. Respond to identified problems; and,
  2. More importantly, identify opportunities for innovation to prevent problems.